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The previous day John Maybury’s Datto stopped some 15kms out of Warrnambool. The rumble we had tried to diagnose became a gnashing, gnarling scream from the rear of the car, accompanied by the sweet odour of gear oil 90! I happened to be the first car(r) on the scene and stopped to see why John was peering under his car, although I really knew all was not well. John made comment that the noise suddenly developed a more terminal crescendo as he came around the last sweeping left hand bend.
[..] phoned the local Repco mechanic and he could look at it now. Phew! John drove the Datto some 500 metres down the road and the Repco man took it for a test drive. He returned and asked: “Which particular noise are you talking about: The rattle at the back, the clunking in the drive train, or the rumble?” We suggested the rumble was the one.
Datto was hoisted and various parts were poked, wiggled, etc. It was then started up and put into gear and the apprentice was summoned to point to any noises. He knowingly points with greased finger at the rear passenger-side wheel bearing. A few minutes later the axle was out and various bits of metal fell onto the floor of the workshop. John’s noise had been found! I told the mechanic that we had the parts and he was somewhat relieved that he didn’t have to find the bearing and collar locally. A quick phone call to Claude confirmed that he and Haydn had a bearing and collar, but they were at Port Fairy, 30kms out of Warrnambool. Claude was happy to drive back as I drove towards him. We crossed paths, exchanged platitudes and parts, and John and I drove back to Mr.Repco.
The only part we did not have was a new seal. I explained the size problem with the seal and that one could get away with a seal of 28mm ID. Mr. Repco drove off and returned with a new seal. All over red rover! I continued on my way to Robe, leaving John to part with the princely sum of $113 for Mr. Repco’s efforts and some two hours of his time. Now, if you are ever in Warrnambool and have car troubles please support the man who helped and supported our club: Will Ferris Automotive Repairs. Syd from Datsun Sports Owners Australia NSW on

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