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The Will Ferris Auto Repairs workshop carries out general servicing and all mechanical repairs on all makes and models of cars.

Our mechanics always use the highest quality parts and all of our work is backed by a Nationwide Warranty, available at over 400 Repco Authorised Service centres - Giving you peace of mind wherever you travel.


Our fully trained technicians have years of mechanical trade experience, are constantly upgrading their skills in regular Repco Auto Tech workshops and are supported by the latest computer diagnostic and fault finding equipment in our Warrnambool workshop. When servicing your car, we use genuine parts and lubricants and offer very competitive rates. Call us for a free estimate or book a repair online!


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A free 65 Point Vehicle Inspection report is included with every service we perform, and Will Ferris Auto Repairs mechanics will always provide you with a list of items that may cause issues in the future. No additional work is carried out without you agreeing to it and we will make sure you are aware if your car is not at it's full operating capability.


Unless you have got the knowledge and experience to do it yourself, the best option is to book your car in with auto repair professionals. When you book your car in with Will Ferris Auto Repairs, you can be sure everything will be inspected carefully from bumper to exhaust.


Regular car servicing is very important to ensure a long and safe expluatation of your car. A regular vehicle inspection ensures your car is safe to drive and poses no risk for other motorists on the road. When our mechanics restore your vehicle to function at optimum performance, you can be sure the car will be running with excellent fuel efficiency for extended life of your car and can be much cheaper in the long run. A poorly maintained car might prove to be unsafe, inefficient and can break down at any point, causing more damage and a much larger bill than regular car servicing investment.


When you need professional car service or auto repairs at a nice price, call Will Ferris Auto Repairs now so we can book you in as soon as possible!


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You can trust Will Ferris Auto Repairs and Automotive Services for all your general automotive repairs.
Will Ferris Auto Repairs has been a member of the Repco Authorised Car Service network since 2007. Will Ferris Auto Repairs provides all automotive services. You can contact us for more information or book a car service now.


As Repco Authorised Car Service technicians, Will Ferris Auto Repairs can perform new car servicing to and above manufacturer's specifications. Repco branded products are manufactured to stringent Repco quality standards and are covered by the Repco Nationwide Warranty,which covers quality Repco parts and labour. and is supported at over 400 Repco Authorised Service Dealers Australia wide. Will Ferris Auto Repairs fits Repco products with confidence to ensure that you and your car are safe and protected.
Don’t gamble with your safety, or your wallet.


The customer satisfaction at Will Ferris Auto Repairs is certified by our reputation for ‘Getting It Right’.
Constant training and improvement has maintained the large, loyal and valued customer base of Will Ferris Auto Repairs and gained our Warrnambool workshop a reputation for Quality Car Service and Honest Trading. Will Ferris Auto Repairs provides all General Automotive Repairs.


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Will Ferris Auto Repairs are honest, reliable mechanics dedicated to customer satisfaction – once a client tries our Warrnambool car service they always become our regulars. The mechanical and electrical repair prices are very competitive due to our extensive experience and ability to find solutions which meet everyone's budget. We are also concerned about our planet and use a range of environmentally friendly equipment. At Will Ferris Auto Repairs Warrnambool car service - we care!
Every service includes what the vehicle needs at the time and is tailored to your car’s needs. Before commencing any service work, vehicles are checked and a 65 Point Vehicle Inspection report undertaken free-of-charge. The work needed to be done is discussed with you and the approximate prices outlined. If any part is more expensive than indicated, we contact you before commencing the work. We also contact you if any extra work is required or if another fault is found. You are given an alternative to either have the fault fixed immediately – if it is urgent – or, if it does not impact on safety, to leave to a later date.



The aim of Will Ferris Auto Repairs is to continuously build a trustworthy relationship with our clients and suppliers, while focussing on employees' satisfaction and maintaining an exceptional level of car service in the Eastern suburban areas of Warrnambool.


Based on the mechanics dedication and Will Ferris Auto Repairs relentless pursuit for continuous improvement and operational excellence, our vision is aimed at becoming a well regarded and successful Warrnambool repair service. Our goal is to be a preferred partner of our clients in continuously expanding our business coverage and target market.


Will Ferris Auto Repairs Warrnambool guarantees to take every care of your vehicle whilst it is in our possession. Our integrity guarantees honesty and fairness with high ethical standards and our mechanics exercise great responsibility for all our actions. The Warrnambool car service values and recognises our employees' contributions and talents and are fully aware of our employees' occupational health and safety.


When you drive your car in for a service, our mechanics will diligently identify the best way to deliver high quality services with the most efficient use of our resources. Will Ferris Auto Repairs believes in continuous improvement in every aspect of our business - and while we work hard, it is essential keep our sense of humor and have fun.


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